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It's time for Mississippi to lead

Throughout the history of our state, Mississippians have been the first to lead on the field of battle. So why is it that too often, our representatives in Washington fail to lead on the issues that matter most to Mississippians, such as our 2nd Amendment, life, and strong borders?

I will proudly be Mississippi's first member of the House Freedom Caucus, and I will make sure that Mississippi is leading the fight nationally for our 2nd Amendment, life, and strong borders.

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Remeber Rural Mississippi

Rural Mississippi has been neglected by their representation in Washington DC for far too long. Through infrastructure investments like rural high speed internet and the I-14 corridor, vocational education in high schools, and America First trade deals, we can restore the beating heart of our great state!

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Stop Big Tech Censorship

The two largest search engines in the world are owned by the same company. Over 92% of all internet searches on earth go through either Google or YouTube. Google has power over language that would make George Orwell blush. We must elect Republicans who understand this issue as the grave threat to our national sovereignty that it is. 

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America Last GOP Immigration

Too often, Republican politicians would rather toe the corporate line than actually support immigration policies that would put American citizens first. James Tulp will make sure that we stop any and all immigration that harms American citizens.

The False Song of Globalism

In Natchez, Mississippi, the former Titan Tire Plant acts as a symbol of the false song of globalism. Through vocational education, infrastructure investments, and America First trade deals, James Tulp will fight to revitalize the industrial heartland of our state.

America First is the Antidote to Socialism

Socialism is coming. Whether it’s in 4 years or 8 years or 12 years, the movement behind Bernie Sanders and AOC is here to stay. 70% of Millennials say they would vote for a socialist, which is terrifying when you consider the fact that Millennials are very close to being the largest voting bloc in the country.

It’s astonishing how few Republican elected officials are willing to address the obvious question: why is socialism on the rise? 

Ask your average Republican politician today, and he’d probably give you an answer along the lines of media bias, ignorance of history, or the Marxist takeover of academia.

All are valid, but it goes much deeper than that. The St. Louis Federal Reserve came out with a report last week detailing that the Millennial generation is 34% poorer than should be expected based on previous generations.

Other reports have shown that compared to Baby Boomers at the same age, Millennials earn 20% less in income and own less than half the assets Boomers did when adjusted for inflation.

401k investments for Millennials are also drastically lower than previous generations. Home ownership and business ownership rates are significantly lower as well. Millennials are also crushed with student loan debt to an unprecedented degree.

What millennials do have, however, is access to more “stuff” than ever before. iPhones, Netflix, VR, food, clothes, cars- all depreciating assets. So is it really any wonder that when Bernie Sanders comes around offering more free stuff, many Millennials jump at the chance to vote for him?

In order to stop the coming tide of socialism, which would result in a loss of freedom and economic opportunity for all Americans, we need to show the millennial generation how truly amazing capitalism is when you actually own capital. 

The reason why Millennials are so much poorer than previous generations, and thus more susceptible to the false song of socialism, is threefold:

  1. Globalization and the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs has hollowed out the middle of the country while transferring much of the capital to the financial centers on the coasts. Mississippi alone has lost nearly 100,000, or 40%, of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA and WTO. Many of our 3rd District’s small towns and cities were especially hard hit.
  2. Mass immigration has transferred jobs from American citizens to foreigners, many of them here illegally. Both the number of total immigrants and immigrants as a percentage of our overall labor force has skyrocketed. American workers are unfairly forced to compete with poor people from all over the world for jobs.
  3. The Student Loan Debt Crisis. Since the federal government completely took over the student loan game in 2010, both the cost of tuition and the amount of student loan debt has soared. Many of our young people start their working lives overburdened with debt, making it nearly impossible for them to buy homes, get married, and start a family. 

Here’s my 3 point plan to address these economic issues, thwart the rise of socialism, and ensure that the American middle is forgotten no more:

  1. Bring manufacturing jobs back through fair trade deals, vocational education in high school, and infrastructure investments. We pay for this by stopping the trillion dollar wars in the Middle East.
  2. Reform our immigration policy to make sure American jobs are not being taken away by foreigners. This includes building the Wall, ending birthright citizenship, and restricting employment visas.
  3. Get the federal government out of the student loan game entirely. If a private bank wants to assume the risk of loaning an 18 year old $50,000 for a degree in Gender Studies, so be it. The taxpayers should no longer be subsidizing this insanity. 

The bottom line is this: unless the younger generations’ incomes, wealth, and capital investments begin to approach normal historic levels, socialism is coming.

In order to get there, we need a representative who is not controlled by Washington power brokers who would rather enrich themselves than save our country. We need a representative who is not just in office to go along to get along. We need a representative who is willing to stick his neck out and fight for the forgotten middle.

That’s why I’m running for Congress. I ask for your vote in the Republican Primary on March 10th. 

James Tulp is a Republican Candidate for the US House of Representatives, Mississippi-03. His website is He is also on Facebook and Twitter @JamesTulp


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James Tulp discusses the 2nd amendment with wjtv

At a 2nd Amendment support rally in Jackson, Mississippi, James Tulp spoke with WJTV about the importance of the 2nd amendment and why it's necessary to go on offense to protect our rights as citizens.

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McComb Enterprise-Journal: Tulp hoping to unseat Guest in House

Gabriel Perry 

Jan 17, 2020  

A conservative talk radio host is running against a first-term congressman in Mississippi’s Republican primary.

James Tulp, 28, a New Jersey native who moved to Mississippi in 2015 after working in the film industry in Atlanta, attended graduate school at Mississippi College, where he later taught courses on the U.S. Constitution, American government, the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the country.

He lives in Madison with his wife Kelsey and daughter Clara.

“I love Mississippi. I think it’s the best place on Earth,” he said. “I felt like this is where God was leading me.”

A staunch constitutionalist, Tulp advocates for limited government and runs on an “America First” platform reminiscent of President Donald Trump’s talking points.

He’s hoping to unseat Rep. Michael Guest, who was elected in 2018 after Gregg Harper left the post after serving a decade in Congress.

Tulp said Guest represents what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

“The bottom line is Michael Guest represents the old guard of the Republican Party that is dying. He represents the corporatists — they call them country club Republicans — that are pretty much only serving shareholders’ and corporations’ bottom line,” Tulp said in an interview with the Enterprise-Journal this week. “The new Republican Party ... is pro-worker, pro-family, pro-capitalism.”

Tulp said Guest was an original co-sponsor of the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, a decision Tulp detests.

“It was lobbied for by Silicon Valley and supported by Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris,” Tulp said, referring to the Democratic House Speaker and U.S. Senator who recently ended her bid for the Democratic presidential nominaton. “It would replace our current high-skilled immigration system with immigrants specifically from China and India.”

Tulp said that would create undue competition for U.S. citizens in the technology industry.

“Companies are always going to want to find as much cheap labor as possible,” he said. “If you let them go and get slave labor in China or in South America, they’re going to do it.”  

Tulp said economic policy needs to put the interests of workers in the foreground.

“We want you (large corporations) to make profits. We want you to be successful. We want you to make a lot of money and grow the economy,” he said. “But we also need to make sure that our working citizens right here in Mississippi are taken care of.”

Tulp said he’s running to protect the interests of U.S. citizens.

“I’m running an America First campaign, and I think this is a big distinction between myself and my opponent and others in the Republican party,” Tulp said. “America First, as I define it, means every action taken by the federal government should be for the betterment of citizens, not anybody else.”

Tulp said he’s the right person to navigate a Democrat-controlled House to pass meaningful legislation. He said he’s skilled at working with people he disagrees with.

“I’ve worked with many people who disagree with me politically, really my entire life. I’ve got a lot of family members across the aisle, so I know how they think, I understand their worldview,” he said. “I reject it, but I understand it, I really do.

“I think we will see common ground in the new, more nationalistic Republican Party and some of the old-style Democrats sort of coming together.”

Tulp said if elected he would support active legislation to make English the national language, designate Antifa a terrorist organization and to move to a skills-based immigration points system. He says he’ll introduce original legislation to outlaw birthright citizenship within the U.S.

Tulp said he wants to see it mandated that government at all levels report the immigration status of individuals charged in crimes.

Tulp said the focus in legislation is too-often placed upon the offender, not the victim.

Tulp said he respects the U.S. military and hopes to see them removed from ongoing conflicts  in the Middle East altogether.

“What I would prefer is to take our military from the Middle East and put them on the southern border. Some of the cartels, they’re just as bad if not worse than some of these Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS,” he said.

James Tulp Interview

James Tulp discusses his America First agenda for the people of Mississippi District 3.

James Tulp qualifies for the ballot

James Tulp, his wife Kelsey, and daughter Clara were present while James officially qualified for the ballot to run in the Republican Primary for the US House of Representatives, Mississippi District 3 on March 10th 2020.