Opponent Michael Guest

Michael Guest

Our Founders, in their wisdom, set up a system of government whereby consent of the governed is required.

Ask yourself: do you consent to this kind of governing? 

  • According to GovTrack, Michael Guest is one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress- even more liberal than several Democrats in the House. He is also one of the least active members of the House, showing weak leadership.

  • Michael Guest voted to condemn President Trump. He voted alongside AOC, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, and every House Democrat to officially condemn President Trump's easing of Russian sanctions. This was in January 2019, at the peak of the Russia Collusion Delusion. Guest sided with the witch-hunting Democrats. 

  • Michael Guest was an original cosponsor of H.R.1044- a disastrous immigration bill supported by Nancy Pelosi that gives Silicon Valley tech giants even more access to cheap foreign labor. It massively expands green card giveaways, putting working American citizens last.

We need someone willing to ruffle some feathers, make some enemies, go on the offensive, and fight on OUR terms. 

The fighter the people of Mississippi's 3rd Congressional District need is James Tulp.